AWP launches local platform in Iceland:

Press Release No. 02
September 30, 2012

REYKJAVIK – The Associated Whistle-Blowing Press’ (AWP) first local whistle-blowing platform,, was officially launched on September 30, 2012 in Reykjavik, Iceland.

The AWP’s initiative is conceived as a network based on the work of local platforms which deal with the struggles and concerns of specific cultural contexts. Ljost is a website which allows people to send information proving abuse or corruption in a safe and anonymous way. It is designed for and maintained with the help of Icelandic citizens, along with a network of active volunteers from around the world. With the release of this platform the AWP hopes to strengthen a basic need of every healthy society: the right of every citizen to know the truth about public and private institutions. For a democracy to work properly all institutions have to be publicly accountable for their actions.
As stated before, the main objective behind Ljost is to restore the media as an active player for truth and justice. We believe transparency is the best way to make governments and corporations accountable for their actions. For us, journalists, researchers and media activists, transparency is a powerful way to lead people to take action against repression, censorship, abuse of power, social inequality in every society of this planet.

We would like to use this moment to send our thanks to the Icelandic people, who welcomed us warmly and gave us the best of their hospitality, as well as all the volunteers who have made up this project. Even though we can’t mention the names of everyone who has given us advice and support, a very special thanks to Guðmundur Ragnar Guðmundsson.

The website for Ljost is available at


Associated Whistle-Blowing Press

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